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I heard some say this was for singles wanting to meet...

I heard some say this was for singles wanting to meet but I also heard it was for everyone. My desire is to meet/communicate with others (I am not single) to build relationships and friendships (with those who are in this tribe) on a casual yet focused basis.

Guy in the Tribe

I would love to join a social community!

I would love to join a social community. I’m married and want to meet more friends who are on this journey so we can ride together. Thanks for opening this group up to singles and married people!


How amazing would that be!

When I heard Ian mention a place for singles to gather and find like-minded folks on one of the Origin Gate Round Tables, my ears perked up! How amazing would that be!!? I wasn’t able to attend live and didn't have access to info in the chat box, so I wasn’t 100% certain of the name he called it, or the name of the contact. I blindly sent an email in the hope someone would respond and was pleasantly surprised by a return email a few weeks later. Yaaaaay!

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