September 27


Flying Together

By The Editor

September 27, 2021

I recently heard someone share that Yahweh says: We need a win!

I am very much hoping The Connect Gen is just that...a win for folks like me and you who are fully engaged in the Tribe journey but are tired of 'flying solo'. I am always amazed when I see couples and families in attendance at conferences and events because that hasn't been the way it's worked out for all of us. I honour them immensely. If given the opportunity I express to them what a wonderful blessing they have.

To be 'all in' in the midst of a sleepy, barely shining church culture has been challenging to say the least. To want to LIVE that way...? Yeah, that's a problem in relationships when it turns out to be quite one-sided. Yes, Yahweh IS wildly amazing! He fills every void; yet we long for companionship to share the joys and sorrows upon the sod of this earth, in the land of the living.

Just to have someone who speaks the same language and understands the bigger scope of things ~ Kingdom things ~ would be fabulous. To find someone who delights in the mysteries, riddles and secrets...!? I'd probably need to pinch myself!

Maybe it could happen. Who knows? I've lamented to Yahweh enough. Maybe He's decided to mark out a path for us. I'm excited and a little nervous to see where it leads.

-Written by a heart near you

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